Australia’s Macquarie Dictionarymacquariedictionary.com.au – was first published in print in 1981 and has been online since 2003. Its reputation has gone from strength to strength. It is regarded as the standard reference on Australian English.

What we like – Macquarie describes language as it is used. The Twitter account itself is an introduction to contemporary Australia, particularly with its Word of the Year (more about that below).

“Other dictionaries may be prescriptive and proscriptive, but that is not what Macquarie is trying to do,” tweets @ohpointybird.

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Word of the Year
Each year they announce a public game to choose the best word of the previous year. Full details online Word of the year.

Macquarie Dictionary



2021 is the year of brick bait, hate-follow, humane washing, last chance tourism, nft, porch pirate, range anxiety, sober curious, strollout, third place, and wokescold.


2020 is the year of bee vectoring, carbon farming, doom scrolling, lo-fi, net zero, pyrocumulonimbus, and zoombombing.


Notable Words: Coffice, Inbox Zero, JOMO, Appointment Viewing, Subvertising, Puppuccino, Flight Shaming, Sponge City, Dark Constellation, Whataboutism, Quiet Room, Nudge Unit, Cancel Culture, Pickleball


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