Our favorite Word of the Year is Australia’s #macqwoty, hosted by Macquarie Dictionary.

They make a committee’s choice (a captain’s call) pronouncement of their selection, and they launch a public vote for readers’ favorite.

The longlist is a binge-worthy spread of words that for me generate the ah-ha understanding and umphhh-like guttural reactions.

2018 is the year of Me Too, Vertical Farming, Earthing, Hygge, Dark Kitchen, and Deepfake. Longlisted faves include Idiot Fruit, Xenofiction, End of Trip, Peak, Tweetstorm, Soundwave Tattoo, Microtargetting, and Sportswashing.

Nominations for Word of the Year are selected from new words included in the annual update of the Macquarie Dictionary Online. The committee is provided with a list of 75 words from which they select a top 15 for public voting.

Committee’s Choice
The committee’s Choice Word of the Year 2018 is Me Too. The official statement from this year’s Committee:

“While the Me Too movement took off in 2017 with #MeToo, it has definitely maintained its momentum, and in 2018 it started to spread its linguistic wings beyond the hashtag and the name of the movement, answering an obvious need in the discourse surrounding this social upheaval. So, the fact that Me Too is now being used as a verb and as an adjective, combined with the undeniable significance of the movement, made the Committee’s choice for Word of the Year 2018 a fairly straightforward decision.”

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