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Macquarie Dictionary’s Word of the Year: 2019


Our favorite Word of the Year (#woty) announcement comes from Australia’s #macqwoty, hosted by Macquarie Dictionary. The selection and popular vote have changed over the years. In 2019 the announcement and voting takes place in early December (not January as previously done).

The committee announces their selection and launches a public vote for readers’ favorite, or favourite.

The Long List is a binge-worthy buffet of new terms that for me generate the ah-ha understanding and umphhh-like guttural reactions.

2019 is the year of JOMO (Joy of Missing Out), Appointment Viewing, Dark Constellation, Nudge Unit, Inbox Zero, Subvertising, Puppuccino, Flight Shaming, Cancel Culture, Sponge City, Whataboutism, Quiet Room, Pickleball, Urban Cooking

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2019 Word of the Year
Short List
Long List

Cancel culture, cleanskin, hedonometer … I’m not sure I like any of Macquarie Dictionary’s words of the year

Committee’s Choice
The chosen word for 2019 was cancel culture, a term that captures an important aspect of the past year’s Zeitgeist…an attitude which is so pervasive that it now has a name, society’s cancel culture has become, for better or worse, a powerful force.

Some Faves
JOMO = ​a peaceful and appreciative state of mind induced by choosing not to participate in some activity

Appointment viewing = the practice of viewing episodes of a television series as they are released serially (opposed to ​binge watching​).

Dark Constellation = (in some cultures, such as those of Aboriginal Australians and the Inca) one of various figures in the night sky which are composed of dark spaces.

Nudge Unit – an organised body, especially of government, which devises interventions based on behavioural science to persuade citizens to do what they consider to be desirable or beneficial.

Puppuccino = ​a drink for dogs served in dog-friendly cafes, etc., usually consisting of lactose-free milk.

Urban Cooking =​ the practice of cooking without a recipe, using instinct and taste as a guide.

Whataboutism = ​a technique used in responding to an accusation, criticism or difficult question,in which an opposing accusation or criticism raised.

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