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Macquarie Dictionary’s Word of the Year: 2020


Our favorite Word of the Year (#woty) announcement comes from Australia hosted by Macquarie Dictionary. The selection and popular vote have changed over the years. In 2020 the announcement and voting takes place the first few days in December.

The committee announces their selection and launches a public vote for readers’ favorite, or favourite.

2020 is the year of bee vectoring, carbon farming, doomscrolling, lo-fi, net zero, pyrocumulonimbus, and zoombombing.

Key Links
Committee’s Choice & People’s Choice vote for Word of the Year 2020
Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year shortlist for 2020
Macquarie Dictionary COVID Word of the Year shortlist
Longlist (PDF)

Committee’s Choice
“Do your thumbs hurt from scrolling through the seemingly endless barrage of bad news in 2020? Ours do too, and that’s why doomscrolling is the 2020 Commitee’s Choice Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year.”

Some Faves

Bee vectoring = a form of crop pest control in which hived bees are used to transport an organic powdered pesticide to any flora they pollinate, the bees having to pass through the pesticide as they leave the hive, with the powder attaching to their fine body hairs.

Carbon farming = the employment of practices which maximise carbon sequestration and minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

Change agent = someone who effects or facilitates change in processes, policies, etc., with the aim of increasing effectiveness, wellbeing, etc., within a group or organisation.

Doomscrolling = the practice of continuing to read news feeds online or on social media, despite the fact that the news is predominantly negative and often upsetting 

Lo-fi = produced with minimal processing or intervention.

Net zero = producing an amount of energy, as from a renewable source, which offsets the amount of energy consumed: a net zero apartment complex

Nowcast = report on current weather conditions, or of those forecast in the immediate future

Pyrocumulonimbus = a cumulonimbus which forms above a source of intense heat, such as a bushfire, volcanic eruption, etc.

Snitchtagging = the practice of tagging a person in a post from which they had originally been excluded because it contained criticism of them.

Zoombombing = the act of joining a private video meeting while not authorised to do so.

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