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One of our favorite Word of the Year (#woty) announcements comes from Australia’s Macquarie Dictionary. In 2022 public voting took place in late November.

2022 is the year of Bachelor’s handbag, Brigading, Gigafire, Merroir, Prejuvenation, Prebunking, Quiet Quitting, Spicy Cough, Teal, Truth-telling, TWaT

Our faves: Manifest, Omicron, Parklet, Wishcycling

Missing (in our opinion) and perhaps a candidate for another year: Carbon Dioxide Birth Number, Crisis Watch, Democracy, and Sportswashing

Key Links
2022 Word of the Year
Short List
Long list (PDF)

Stray Observations

  • We enjoy reading and re-reading the long list from 14 categories
  • We miss choosing from the long list instead of the short list

Another teal triumph? The colourful contest for Macquarie’s Word of the Year – David Astle
The Macquarie Dictionary Has Released Its ‘Word Of The Year’ Shortlist – Network Ten
Teal, spicy cough and bachelor’s handbag – The Guardian


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