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Mailing List = a list of the names and addresses of people to whom material such as advertising matter, catalogs, magazines, and promotions mailed or emailed

Translating: Please remove me from your mailing list
Spanish: Por favor, elimíneme de tu lista
French: Veuillez me retirer de votre liste de diffusion

Hello! Can I ask you to remove an address from your print mailing list?
Spanish: ¡Hola! ¿Puedo pedirle que elimine una dirección de su lista de correo impresa?
German: Hallo! Darf ich Sie bitten, eine Adresse aus Ihrer Print-Mailingliste zu entfernen?

Translating: Is there an easy way to get off your (analog) mailing list?
Spanish: ¿Existe una manera fácil de salir de su lista de correo (analógica)?
French: Existe-t-il un moyen simple de sortir de votre liste de diffusion (analogique)?

Engaging with
Note to publishers, institutions, companies, authors: Just because we link to your website does not mean we want to be on your mailing list or email blast. There are other, more rewarding ways to connect and engage.

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