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Key Links
Māori Language Commission
Te Taura Whiri I te Reo Māori

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori

NZ’s unique te reo tweets
Plan to have 1 million people speaking te reo Māori by 2040 – Radio NZ
Meet Aoife Finn: An Irishwoman who has never been to NZ but is mad about te reo
2 Maori mentions in historic US papers@MamariStephens @DigitalMaori
Maori language must be ‘sexy’
Learn Maori Via Skype

Maori Language Act 1987 – Te Ara


Twitter Hashtags

Learn Maori

Māori Language
Learning Media Ngata Dictionary
Maori Spell Checker
Tai Tokerau Māori Dictionary
Translator –
Word of the Day
Maori language net
Ngata dictionary
Te Reo Māori in English-medium Schools,61,0,42,html

Recommended listening
Learning te reo Māori with Stacey Morrison
Te ahi kaa – Radio New Zealand – The philosophy of Te Ahi Kaa is to reflect the diversity of Māori in the past, present and future. While bilingual in delivery, the programme incorporates Māori practices and values in its content, format and presentation.
The Macmillan Brown Lectures – Radio New Zealand
Reo FM
100 Maori Words – NZ History Net
365 more useful Māori words and phrases

Maori immersion schooling – For more than a century Maori children in New Zealand were forbidden to speak their language at school and like Aboriginal children,
Māori kids performed badly in the education system.

Manaakitanga Bilingual Booklet
Word Find (PDF)
National Anthem (PDF)

Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori

Kupu Hou
Kia ora koutou, welcome to the website for Kupu Hou, an online project to encourage and excite New Zealanders about learning Te Reo Māori. Kupu Hou literally translates as new (hou) words (kupu); and reflects our kaupapa – to help people enlarge their vocabulary, one word at a time. Why? We believe that through an understanding of the structure and composition of kupu, people will gain an appreciation for the knowledge embedded in Te Ao Māori (the Māori world): geographic, historical, metaphoric and poetic. Māori ways of thinking are reflected through the language. As you learn the kupu you will also be encountering Māori philosophies – about life, the universe and everything.
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Māori Language Week
Hau Kāinga

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