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Making Sustainability Smarter: Conversation with Marcus Endicott


Presenting: Making Sustainability Smarter: Conversation with Marcus Endicott
March 13, 4pm Las Vegas, March 14, 10am Byron Bay (more times)

Talking points:
• Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence
• Sustainability in tourism and AI in tourism
• Introducing Gaia Passage – what it is and what it does

Marcus Endicott
Massive word cloud ready to be used in AI, a veritable and digital mind map.

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There’s No Need To Worry About Cryptocurrency And AI Energy Demands

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Big Volcano: Interesting to hear the discussion about “what kids will be studying”, and future jobs around 11m. I’ve felt for a long time, that “future jobs” will involve governments needing to recreate the “New Deal”, except employing people to do “reforestry” (planting and caring for forests until they can take care of themselves – usually 15-20 years), environmental reparations, and care of the biosphere, in a sustainable way. The capitalist economy is now clearly failing the environment, the global economy and the planet. Perhaps we should now also consider putting AI in charge of eco-political decisions (politicians are just managers after all). We do now have the technology to enable instant polling, so why not now use it for real time feedback from registered voters? (Usual “protection” caveats apply of course.) Alternatively, politicians and political parties “in the west”, should start to consider managing future development in the same way that (ironically) mining companies manage a project; that is, benchmarks, time lines and goals over the life of the project, all the way to the closing of the site (and remediation paid for by taxpayers), rather than looking for short term job security and the next election.


Marcus Endicott

Conversation with Marcus Endicott (2007)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Digital Humans



Global Goals

Smart Tourism



Talking Future Tourism, Byron Bay’s 2020-2030 Sustainable Visitation Strategy

Responsible Travel Week

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