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Spotlight on Mauna Loa

Wikipedia: Mauna Loa (English: Long Mountain) is one of five volcanoes that form the Island of Hawai’i. The largest subaerial volcano (as opposed to subaqueous volcanoes) in both mass and volume, Mauna Loa has historically been considered the largest volcano on Earth, dwarfed only by Tamu Massif. It is an active shield volcano with relatively gentle slopes, with a volume estimated at 18,000 cubic miles (75,000 km3), although its peak is about 125 feet (38 m) lower than that of its neighbor, Mauna Kea. Lava eruptions from Mauna Loa are silica-poor and very fluid, and they tend to be non-explosive.

Google Maps

Eruptions – Civil Beat
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Two volcanoes erupt simultaneously in Hawaii for first time in decades: “A very sacred event that we are watching” – CBS

Mauna Loa
Hawaiian Islands
Pele’s hair


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