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Mérida, Yucatán

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Mérida, the state capital of Yucatán is a fantastic hub for slow, cultural and natural adventures in México.

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Despite its tropical atmosphere, Mérida is actually located north of Mexico City (20° 58′ 12″ N compared to 19° 26′ 0″ N). The city is a gateway to the Celestún Biosphere Reserve. Explore the surrounding countryside if you are curious about the Chicxulub Impact Crater.

Built on the Maya city of T’ho, which was constructed with white limestone, Mérida has been known as ‘the White City.’ T’ho was conquered and dismantled by the Spaniards under the command of Francisco de Montejo, who ‘founded’ Mérida in 1542.

Recalling a similar vista near Mérida, Spain, De Montejo christened the new city with the name of the old. On the south side of the plaza is the Casa de Montejo, the former residence of the conqueror. It is now, like many other aristocratic homes, a bank, and museum.

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Cultural World
Mérida has numerous cultural attractions that spotlight regional history and culture. The Regional Museum of Anthropology is housed in a giant white mansion on the corner of Paseo de Montejo and Calle 43. Another must-visit is the Casa de la Cultura del Mayab located on Calle 63 between 64 and 66.

Museo Palacio Cantón
Calle 43, por paseo de montejo Mérida

Smaller museums include the Museum of the Yucatecan Song (Calle 57 between 48 and 50) and Dzibilchaltun’s Museum of Maya Culture (Mérida-Progreso Highway, Kilometer #16)

Every evening the city sponsors cultural activities in the public plazas and parks. Thursdays, for example, you can listen to traditional Yucatecan serenades in Santa Lucia Park. On Mondays regional dances are performed at the City Hall.

The English Library, #524 Calle 53, sponsors walking tours of homes and gardens.

Gran Museo del Mundo Maya

The state-run Casa de las Artesanías, Calle 63 #503 (between 64 and 66, offers a great introduction to local handicrafts, including palm hats and hammocks.

The Leones de Yucatan play baseball in Kukulcán Stadium.

Mérida is located 315 kilometers (195 miles) from Cancún, 92 kilometers from Celestún, 165 kilometers from Campeche City.

Transportation — The international Manuel Crescencio Rejon Airport is in the southwestern corner of the city and reached via Highway 180.

The first-class CAME bus station is located at Calle 70 between 69 and 71.

The second-class bus station is located on Calle 69 between 68 and 70.

Autobuses de Occidente provides service to Celestún and is located at Calle 50 x 67).

Nearby: Cholul Aboretum
The Arboretum of Cholul is located on one side of its main plaza overlooking Cale 22 and Calle 23, by the side entrance to the parish of San Pedro.

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Parque Centenario

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