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Mesoamerica Meetings 2021

Austin, Texas – This year’s Mesoamerica Meetings are all virtual and taking place this week. Hashtag: #mesomeetings

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Tuesday, January 12
10:00am CST (UTC/GMT -6) – Online Workshop: Reading Pakal’s Sarcophagus led by David Stuart and Danny Law

Tuesday, January 12
3:00pm CST (UTC/GMT -6) – Day 1: Symposium Talks

Wednesday, January 13
3:00pm CST (UTC/GMT -6) – Day 2: Symposium Talks

Thursday, January 14
3:00pm CST (UTC/GMT -6) – Day 3: Symposium Talks

Friday, January 15
3:00pm CST (UTC/GMT -6) – Day 4: Symposium Talks

Saturday, January 16
12:00pm CST (UTC/GMT -6) – Day 5: Symposium Talks

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From the organizers

The 2021 Mesoamerica Meetings are going virtual! This year we have designed an online conference focused on the new and important research moving forward on several fronts. Sometimes, a new find can radically change the interpretation of a whole context or a whole site. Other times, fresh discoveries deepen the previous understanding of a place, and fill gaps in our knowledge of the past. In this way, things – whether monuments, objects, or buildings, can speak to us from ancient times, and add new perspective to what we know of the cultures of Mesoamerica. In this spirit, we present a series of talks from the perspective of the discipline of archaeology, focusing on a site, artifact, structure, or artwork, through which our speakers will explore how these new finds have added to or changed what we previously knew.



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