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Bastón de Mando Indígena = Indigenous Staff of Command

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Mexico City – News and videos from the December 1, 2018 inauguration of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

President López Obrador was presented with an Indigenous staff of command (“Bastón de Mando Indígena”).

Notable – this is the first presidency to be purified with an Indigenous cleansing ceremony, particularly powerful as it took place in the Mexico City’s Zócalo.

AMLO toma de protesta: Mejores momentos del día

AMLO recibe bastón de mando de los pueblos indígenas

AMLO: Primer presidente de México en recibir “Bastón de Mando Indígena” | Noticias Telemundo

Indígenas purifican a AMLO y le entregan Bastón de Mando

Ceremonia completa: Andrés Manuel López Obrador recibe “Bastón de Mando Indígena”



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Mexico City Zócalo

Cuarta Transformación

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