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Mexico City, Capital of Sustainable Tourism

July 2021 – Livestreaming this week en español: Mexico City, Capital of Sustainable Tourism (Capital del Turismo Sostenible) with spotlights on nature travel, rural tourism, and regenerative tourism.

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YouTubeEncuentro Internacional de Turismo de Naturaleza Playlist

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  • Any tips on visiting Mexico City’s city parks and participating in nature-based travel? = ¿Algún consejo para visitar los parques de la ciudad de México y participar en viajes basados en la naturaleza?
  • Can any city call itself the capital of sustainable tourism? = ¿Puede alguna ciudad llamarse a sí misma la capital del turismo sostenible?

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Let us know if there are recommended accounts to follow to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. = Háganos saber si hay cuentas recomendadas para seguir en Facebook, Twitter y YouTube.

Impulsarán el turismo sostenido o de naturaleza para reactivar la economía
Con esta plataforma, CDMX busca impulsar el turismo sostenible en pymes
Secretaría de Turismo de la CDMX organiza Encuentro Internacional de Turismo de Naturaleza, en modalidad virtual – Línea Política
Sostenibilidad, la mejor opción para enfrentar los retos poscovid
Albergará CDMX Cumbre Mundial de Turismo Rural en 2022

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Encuentro Internacional de Turismo de Naturaleza Playlist


With the aim of providing development tools to entrepreneurs, MSMEs and cooperatives to carry out nature tourism activities, the Secretariat of Tourism of Mexico City will lead the ceremony “Mexico City, Capital of Sustainable Tourism: International Meeting of Nature Tourism” carried out virtually, in order to promote it as an alternative for economic reactivation in the sector and to help position Mexico City as the Capital of Sustainable Tourism. The activities will take place from July 12 to 15, 2021 where more than 60 national and international experts from countries such as Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Chile, Spain, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico will participate, who will exchange knowledge, experiences and reflections. around nature tourism, sustainable tourism and the new challenges to reactivate tourism activity in the post-COVID-19 stage. The virtual work tables will be coordinated in three main axes: 1) Strengthening of companies, 2) Product line and 3) Sustainability, where conferences, discussion panels, conversations and workshops will be held, with which the aim is to develop the entrepreneurial skills of entrepreneurs that allow them to insert themselves into the value chain, create new tourism products and strengthen actions for the responsible use of nature through tourism in Mexico City. This event is inserted within the current policy of the Government of Mexico City, focused on improving the quality of life of the population from the principles of Innovation, Sustainability, Honesty, Equality and Open Government, to achieve sustainable development and decrease of social inequalities that create better living conditions for all people; as well as the conservation and restoration of natural systems. Likewise, this event arises as one of the actions of the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico City to reactivate activities after the effects caused by COVID-19, and given that travel preferences have been modified, highlighting the trend to be carried out. nature and short-distance trips within the country. For this reason, nature tourism is an alternative to boost tourist activity in the city, because the activities are carried out outdoors without neglecting social distancing and without the agglomerations characteristic of travel before the pandemic. In this context, the holding of the event “Mexico City, Capital of Sustainable Tourism: International Nature Tourism Meeting ”is an action with which it is expected to define lines of action and strategies that promote nature tourism for the economic reactivation in Mexico City, through the identification of the natural heritage of the City to diversify the tourist offer and the implementation of sustainability criteria in nature tourism enterprises, as well as giving continuity to the actions of activation and conservation of public parks, natural areas and of environmental value recovered by the Ministry of the Environment, in a coordinated effort and congruent to improve people’s quality of life.

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