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Road Signs in Mexico

Photo: La Paz

Driving in Mexico, you’ll see a number of signs, many with earnest safety-first slogans. Here are few drivers will encounter.

Obedezca las señales = Obey the signs
No maltrate las señales = Do not mistreat the signs
No deje piedras sobre el pavimento = Do not leave rocks on the road
No Rebase = Don’t pass
No tire la basura = Don’t throw trash
Utilice su cinturon de seguridad = Use your seat belt

Conceda cambio de luces = Dim your lights for oncoming traffic
Transito lento carril derecho = Slow traffic, use the right lane
Respete limite de velocidad = Respect the speed limit
Manaje con precaucion = Drive with care
Cuando tome no maneje = Don’t drink and drive
Guarda su distancia = Keep your distance
Vado = Dip
Tope = Speed bump
Si toman, no manejan = If you drink, don’t drive
Carretera = Highway
Cuota = Toll
Puente = Bridge
Retorno = Return
Agua = Water
Telefono = Telephone
Mirador = Scenic view
Area de Descanso = Rest Area


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