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Reimagining Mexico Ecotourism Conference (2000)


From the archives (2000):
In order to facilitate the networking of professionals working to improve ecotourism, Planeta.com hosted the Re-Imagining Ecotourism in the Americas Conference (2000-2001). The Reimagining Mexico Ecotourism Conference took place online the Internet from September 4-8, 2000.

Con el fin de facilitar la creación de redes de profesionales que trabajan para mejorar el ecoturismo, Planeta.com organizó la Conferencia Re-Imagining Ecotourism in the Americas (2000-2001). La Conferencia de Ecoturismo de Reimagining Mexico tuvo lugar en línea en Internet del 4 al 8 de septiembre de 2000.

Conference Program
We also offered the following special programs for those in Mexico City:

September 4 – Internet Workshop, 1-2pm
Lafoel Internet Service, Donceles 80 and Calle Brasil

September 5 – Internet Workshop, 1-2pm
Lafoel Internet Service, Donceles 80 and Calle Brasil

September 8 – Gathering/Lunch, 3-5pm
Plaza de Artesanias Xochicalco, Plaza San Juan (Centro Historico, between Ernesto Pugibet and Ayuntamiento and across from the San Juan Market and the Torre Telmex)

Also, each morning from 9-9:30am, Mexico City time, we took part in a morning online chat!

The ground-breaking Re-Imagining Mexico Ecotourism Conference was the first online conference to focus specifically on ecotourism in Mexico. The event took advantage of the synergies among professionals, particularly among local operators, officials, travel writers and agents. Ecotourism — see our definitions page — is a novel means by which tourism can benefit local communities and the environment.

More than 100 people registered for the first stage of this event. Participants discussed the status of ecotourism in Mexico as well as the perception of this niche in the domestic and international arenas. Participants also developed specific proposals to make improvements. More than 90 messages were posted and highlights have been edited for a summary document.

What was accomplished

1) We held this conference!

While it was an exhausting week, it was a great honor for Planeta.com to host such an event and participants were able to take part even though they live great distances from each other. Participants registered from the following countries: Canada, England, Guatemala, Ireland, Mexico, Pakistan, Thailand, and the United States. Mexico was represented by participants living in Durango, Mexico City, Quintana Roo, and the Yucatan. And, not surprisingly, there was a good deal of interaction with Mexicans living abroad.

2) First-hand information was shared.

Mexican travel operators — from agencies, hotels and the national ecotourism association — took the opportunity to discuss the development of ecotourism in their country. Journalists, travel agents and students from other countries provided their own experiences and views on how Mexican tourism is viewed from abroad.

Future Plans
Planeta.com will host additional online conferences and maintain the Mexican tourism mailing lists. We are also developing resources for the International Year of Ecotourism.

Conference Guide:
Yahoo Groups Archive (no longer accessible)
– Conference participants had complete access to the archives.


Summary: Re-Imagining Mexico Ecotourism Conference 2000

– The participant list is culled from the introductory messages.

Participants: Re-Imagining Mexico Ecotourism Conference 2000

A word about the conference format
The conference was open to professionals (from the tourism industry, government, journalism or academic fields) with at least two years of experience. Participants were asked to introduce themselves, discuss current practices and develop creative strategies. Messages in English or Spanish were welcome. Posts were moderated to avoid repetition and to keep the conference on topic (focusing on Mexican ecotourism).

Participants were asked to prepare the following:

1) A short introduction.
This should be your very first message. Please give your name, affiliation, a short summary of your experience in this field and a web address (URL) where readers can find out more about your work. Please be brief — no more than 500 words. A directory will be created from this data and posted online during the conference.

2) A status report of current ecotourism practices or perceptions.
Professionals working in this field have plenty of first-hand experience. Share a few anecdotes about the current state of Mexican ecotourism by providing a thumb-nail sketch of what is and is not working.

3) Three questions you would like to have answered in this conference.
The questions will be posted online as well as the answers.

4) A proposal for specific actions or networking that would improve Mexican ecotourism.
Feel free to email colleagues and produce a joint proposal.

The Re-Imagining Mexico Ecotourism Conference is hosted by Planeta.com.

The conference is co-sponsored by the following: Amtave, Mexico’s National Association for Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism, Aerolitoral Airlines, Columbus Travel, a Copper Canyon specialist, and Greenbuilder.com, home of the Sustainable Sources Real Estate Directory.


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