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Presentan Guía Turística México-Tenochtitlan – La Jornada
Nueva Guía México-Tenochtitlan: explorando el pasado de la CDMX

Introduction (via Google Translate)
In the imagination of the inhabitants of Mexico City, the legend that tells how the Nahuas settlers of the mythical Aztlán had to leave their place of origin to move to a promised land is well known. The migration occurred after the god of war, Huitzilopochtli, ordered the people to make a pilgrimage until they found an eagle devouring a snake and perched on a nopal. This milestone would be the signal that would mark the ideal place so that in the first third of the 14th century the glorious city of Mexico-Tenochtitlan would be founded on an islet. The newly founded city of the Aztecs began as a weakened and subordinate town, but over the years it managed to consolidate itself as the most opulent and populated city in all of Mesoamerica. Order, wealth, cleanliness and power were determining pillars that sustained this civilization until 1521, the year in which it fell into the hands of the Spanish and their allies. The characteristics of balance and abundance amazed the newcomers and were reason enough to trace what is now Mexico City. Today, seven centuries after its establishment, the heart of that city founded by mythical pilgrims and rethought by foreigners continues to occupy the same space. Seven centuries that are easily stated, but that translate into 700 years in which endless events, expansions and transformations have occurred that leave indelible marks on what we know today as Mexico City. It is in this spirit of indelible memories that today, 2021, the year of commemorations, the Guide to Mexico Tenochtitlan is presented, whose main purpose is to draw innovative cartographies that invite you to tour the city in the footsteps of what was once a majestic prehispanic city. Paths and tourist routes that invite the walker to visit monuments, markets, museums, temples, ruins, restaurants, natural areas, squares, parks, palaces and neighborhoods that preserve some trace of the past and invite you to live it. Memory of the past but that remains more latent than ever in the resistance of the Original Peoples, in the architectures, in the customs, in the images, in the clothing, in the gastronomy, in the languages ​​and in the ideas of the inhabitants from this city. All that remains is to encourage those who enter this guide to become true explorers, eager to get to know this city through the routes proposed here and under a new lens. A firm invitation to visit, with the security of facing moments, stories and experiences that throb and inhabit the identities and heritage of the mayors of a memorable city. Mexico Tenochtitlan • Mexico City


Guide Coordination
Paola Alcocer, Director of Promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises
Eduardo Campos-Vargas, Deputy Director of Product Development and Entrepreneurs
Luis Abraham Palomar Martinez, Project Coordinator

Editorial Design and Style Correction
Yuliana Garcia Velazquez Luis Gomez

Illustration and Maps
Abigail Martinez Salas

Hugo Roberto Castro Lozada
Miriam Beatriz Ortega Torres
Marisol Martínez Sánchez
José Roberto Méndez
Juan Enoc Sánchez Hernández
Alin Oliva Maldonado González

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