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Updating our snapshot of travel and tourism in Mexico. Planeta.com features links to official tourism portals at federal, state, and local levels. Are websites updated? Are social web channels used? = Actualizando nuestra coberatura de viajes y turismo en México. Indexaremos los portales de turismo del gobierno a nivel federal, estatal y local. ¿Están actualizados los sitios web? ¿Se utilizan canales de redes sociales?

Status report: There is a lot of turnover and some some sites are dead while others are not updated.

What would we like to see from Mexico’s new tourism portal? Media releases. Multilingual info. Upcoming events. Virtual tours. Online concierge. Local tourism providers, guides, cooking classes, Spanish language classes. Social web channels for state and local tourism portals.

The role of travel and tourism needs to be re-evaluated – what works and not work for locals and visitors. It cannot just be an issue of ‘bums on seats’ but rather the engagement of the cultural and social lives of those directly and indirectly impacted.

The new administration is raising and changing expectations. How travel and tourism contribute to the well-being of locals and visitors is the goal by which we will measure impact.

On a modest level, we would like to inventory the government’s own tourism portals at the federal, state, and local levels. Are the websites updated? Are social web channels being used? There’s frequently a change in domain names with new administrations and candidly, it’s a never-ending chore of staying informed of where to look for current info.

We also request transparency and multilingualism, particularly important as we approach the International Decade of Indigenous Languages. For Planeta.com, the allure of travel in Mexico is meeting Mexicans.

Questions = Preguntas

  • What are the relevant online websites and resources? = ¿Cuáles son los sitios web y recursos relevantes en línea?
  • Is the new national tourism strategy available online? = ¿La nueva estrategia nacional de turismo está disponible en línea?

Spotlight: AFEET

#AFEET te invita al Panel: Impactos 2020 – Perspectivas 2021Donde tendremos a los siguientes Panelistas:*Ernesto Rodriguez Escalona, Secretario de Turismo de Guerrero*Carolina Martínez, Presidente de AFEET Filial Acapulco*Germán Kotsiras Ralis, Secretario de Turismo de Jalisco*Isabel Ramírez, Presidente de AFEET Filial Guadalajara*Juan Carlos Rivera Castellanos, Secretario de Turismo de Oaxaca

Spotlight on Visit Mexico (2020)

Mexico’s tourism portal has been in the news and as of August 25 has a revamped look. We’ll look into this further in the coming month

Initial observations

It remains unclear what is and what is not currently open in Mexico

The ecotourism section would be more aptly titled ‘outdoors’ – https://www.visitmexico.mx/en/tipos-de-turismo/ecoturismo-y-aventura

What would locals like visitors to know? There’s little visible input from locals

Triptuner options are not nearly varied enough to be useful for travelers who want to customize and personalize itineraries

Pandemic? What pandemic?




In the news

Bureaucracy, Politics, and Bad Translation: The Complex Saga of VisitMexico.com – Elisabeth Malkin/Slate
Mexico’s tourism website mis-translates popular resort towns, Tulum becomes ‘jumpsuit’
Mexico’s Tourism Website Tripped Up by Strange Translations
VisitMéxico debacle called attempt to damage site’s image
Denuncia Sectur que tratan de dañar su imagen y la de VisitMéxico
Mexico’s main touristic website in conflict

State of Yucatan Continues Tourism Reopening With High Standards of Bio-Security

Mexico Tourism Board
Consejo de Promocion Turistica
Directory of Offices – Consejo

Tourism Sector
Fundación Miguel Aleman
Consejo Nacional Empresarial Turistico
Asociacion Mexicana de Profesionales de Ferias, Exposiciones y Convenciones


Media Releases
CPTM (Spanish)
Visit Mexico Press

Fonatur Media Releases (Spanish)
Fonatur (Spanish)

SECTUR – Portal Oficial
SECTUR – English-language Portal
Visit Mexico
Visit Mexico Press
Visite Mexico Prensa
Fasciculos de Turismo Alternativo
Mexico Abroad
Manual of Tourist Entry (PDF)

Travel Media
Reforma Viajes
Boletin Turistico
El Universal – Destinos


Tourism in Mexico
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