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Mezcal-Optional Meet and Greet


For those of us staying at home and sheltering in place, it can be a pleasant experience to share a tasty mezcal with friends.

Join our virtual meet and greet on Facebook — facebook.com/events/214485992962681 — about 415pm Pacific for real-time sipping. There will be parallel tweets on Twitter: @planetanews. Starting time around the world: timeanddate.com. Video

Ron Mader will be reading from and editing the following pages:




Spotlight on Mezonte
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
COVID19 and Too Small To Fail

Let us know if you have any beverage recommendations.


  • After the pandemic, where would you like to travel and who would you like to visit? = Después de la pandemia, ¿a dónde te gustaría viajar y a quién te gustaría visitar?
  • What mezcal-focused accounts are recommended on Facebook and Twitter? = ¿Qué cuentas enfocadas en mezcal se recomiendan en Facebook y Twitter?

Bonus Points
Please tell your friends about this virtual and vicarious meet and greet. = Cuéntales a tus amigos sobre este encuentro virtual y indirecto.

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Real Time

Where is the conversation?

Coronavirus, aka COVID19

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