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Mezcalturismo = tourism whose purpose is or includes the tasting, consumption, or purchase of mezcal, often at or near the source

Mezcal (sometimes spelled ‘mescal’) is a distilled liquor made from the agave plant.

You can sample mezcal at most cantinas and restaurants. But where to go for taste-testing or to purchase a select brand? Here’s our guide to mezcalturismo in Oaxaca City, Guadalajara, and (in the future) other places in Mexico.

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As mezcal becomes more famous, visitors want to see where it is produced. If you care to see where mezcal is produced, it’s easy to visit the mezcal factories near Mitla, Ocotl√°n de Morelos, San Dionisio and Santiago Matatl√°n.

Oaxaca City Cantinas
Mezcaleria Los Amantes, Allende #107. Desgustación y arte. Website

La Farola, 20 de Noviembre #3, corner of Las Casas. This classic cantina was founded in 1916 and features the smooth, sweet taste of Rey Zapoteco.

La Casa del Mezcal, Flores Magon #209. Classic cantina.

La Alianza, Victoria #222. Good selection of curados.

Caminito al Cielo, Prolongación del Panteón #117. Quiet place on the east side of town.

Mark your calendarOaxaca City hosts an annual Mezcal Festival during the Guelaguetza celebration in July.

Buy a bottle
La Cava
Gómez Farías #212-B

Murguia #102, website

Los Amantes
Allende #107, website

F.J. Mina #213

Mezcaleria Cuish
Diaz Ordaz #712 (between Arista and Zaragoza), Flickr

Union de Palenqueros de Oaxaca
Abasolo #510

Del Maguey
Alcal√° #403, website

Inexpensive mezcal is available in bulk from a number of puestos near the Central de Abastos.

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