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Microphilanthropy = Grassroots effort to engage locals and visitors by assisting projects with small donations of time and money.

Philanthropic donations of time, money, property and work have the power to create mutually beneficial experiences for visitors and locals.

The difference between microphilanthropy and philanthropy is that the first has meaningful grassroots connections. Donations can be channeled through and to individuals.

The challenge at hand is to evaluate how well travelers and locals engage one another.Locals can articulate needs and opportunities.

Charity needs to mature beyond ‘helping poor people’ to ‘working with economically marginalized communities.’ Global models too often prove to be local failures due to the lack of meaningful consultation.

That said, travelers play a key role in microphilanthropy. Visitors can support local craft-makers, musicians and others through gifts and financial purchases. Our recommendation: be generous!




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