Photo: usfwsmtnprairie, Common milkweed (Some rights reserved)

Milkweed = a herbaceous plant with milky sap critical to the monarch butterfly

Questions // Preguntas

  • Have you planted milkweed? // ¿Has plantado algodoncillo?
  • Are milkweed seeds available near you? // ¿Hay semillas de algodoncillo disponibles cerca de ti?

Here’s How You Can Get Free Milkweed Seeds to Help Monarch Butterflies

Elsewhere on the Web
Milkweed and Wildflower Vendor Map – Monarch Joint Venture
Live Monarch Educational Foundation, Farm and National Movementfree-milkweed-seedsSW Seedpack

Monarch butterfly on Milkweed

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis on McConnell Air Force Base

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