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Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
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Will online learning replace the university campus? – Vice Chancellors are split over the future of bricks and mortar university campuses.

MOOCs and schools – We speak with Craig Wilson, who believes his academy is the first non-tertiary institution to embrace the MOOCs phenomenon.

The end of university campus life – The university as the institution of learning is under threat from digital challengers offering MOOCs—Massive Open Online Courses. Professor Jim Barber says this confirms what we already know, that information is more or less valueless and universities might as well give it away.

The MOOCs phenomenon, does it still have a pulse? – Massive Open Online Courses, promised to revolutionise higher education a few years ago but with recent research showing poor student retention rates, how successful has the MOOCs model been?

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Massive open online course

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