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Moral Order In A Divided World (2017)

Recommended Listening: Moral Order In A Divided World from the RSA. This event was recorded live at The RSA on Monday October 30, 2017. Hashtag: #RSAValues

What fundamental values do human beings hold in common? As globalisation draws us together economically, are our values converging or diverging? Is the principle of human rights becoming a global ethic, or a vanishing preoccupation of the elite? These were some of the questions that led former leader of the Canadian Liberal Party, Michael Ignatieff, to embark on a three-year, eight-nation journey in search of answers. A renowned academic and public thinker, Ignatieff discovered that while human rights may be the language of states and liberal elites, the moral language that counts with most people are the ordinary virtues: tolerance, forgiveness, trust and resilience. These virtues are the moral operating system of global cities and favelas alike, the glue that makes the multicultural experiment work. When order breaks down and conflicts break out, the ordinary virtues do the work of repair and reconciliation.



  • 5:25Out of the seminar room
  • 5:43: Into worlds on the sharp edge of globalization
  •  11:03Unstated assumption of equal moral worth
  •  11:37It mattered to them and it mattered that I heard.

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