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Murray-Darling Basin

Photo: Tim J Keegan, Riverina Irrigation

The Murray-Darling basin covers 14% of Australia’s land mass generates 40% of the country’s income derived from agricultural production. Its name is derived from its two major rivers, the Murray River and the Darling River.

It spans most of the states of New South Wales and Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, and parts of the states of Queensland (lower third) and South Australia (southeastern corner).

The basin is home to more than 2 million people and a further 1.3 million people, including the population of Adelaide who are reliant on its water resources.

The country has spent more than $8 billion trying to ensure the future of this crucial river system.

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More than a River – The Murray-Darling system and its people

Water Buyback
Australians have been horrified by the impact of the drought on the Murray-Darling Basin, our biggest river system, with millions of fish suffocating in stagnant pools while whole towns go without water. For years now, the government has been spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to buy back irrigation licences, so that more water can be put back into the river. But one purchase is coming under close scrutiny. Then-water minister Barnaby Joyce signed-off on the purchase of water entitlements, at a very high price, to a company based in a tax haven. That company was also co-founded in 2007 by now-Energy Minister Angus Taylor, who stepped down as director and severed all ties before entering Parliament in 2013. Read more here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-20/agriculture-department-stands-by-water-buybacks/11033530

The Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission has found Commonwealth officials committed gross maladministration, negligence and unlawful actions in drawing up the multi-billion-dollar deal to save Austral

Coalition, Labor reach deal on Murray-Darling Basin Plan
Basin politics: a plan for the Murray-Darling (2010)
Farmers face huge cuts to save Murray-Darling
Murray-Darling Basin Plan leaked before release next week (2011)
$5bn used to safeguard Murray-Darling from drought largely in vain, says study (2017)

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Narjong means fresh water  – Aboriginal people from the Murray-Darling Basin’s waterways come together to raise awareness and speak up for their country.

Best laid plans – Australia is halfway into the most expensive environmental program ever mounted — the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. Sarah Dingle investigates serious allegations that the money spent has been for very little environmental gain.
Best laid plans (Part 2) – The Federal Senate is due to vote on major changes to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan– if it passes, it will effectively end further water recovery for the environment in the river system.

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Murray Darling
The basin covers 14% of Australia’s land mass generates 40% of our income derived from agricultural production. It’s home to more than 2 million people and a further 1.3 million people, including the population of Adelaide who are reliant on its water resources.
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