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Photo: Ron Mader, Mexico City’s Anthropology Museum (some rights reserved)

What would museum insiders like others know about museums? Updating relevant links in a somewhat random fashion:


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Twitter Moment
⚡️ “When you accidentally stumble upon your dream museum”

Subverting the hetero-normative museum
Mass Action Reading Group

The myth of continuity@thisisaaronland
Welcome to my micro museum
China insists Genghis Khan exhibit not use words ‘Genghis Khan’
Open access to collections is a no-brainer – it’s a clear-cut extension of any museum’s mission – Apollo Magazine
A trip to the museum – TED
Are Museum Apps Boring?
Science Museum Creates Stunning 2 Billion-Point 3D Model Of Shipping Galleries With 275 Lasers
Both Sides of the Screen: Museums Seeking Balance in a Digital Age
An open letter to museums on Twitter


  • Which museums do a great job of modeling sustainable practices?
  • What happens when museums receive more visitors through their website than through their front door?

Nov 2020

Museos y patrimonio cultural en el contexto de crisis


At this point I wish to emphasize what I believe will ultimately prove to be the greatest value of our museum. This value will not, however, be realized until the lapse of many years, possibly a century, assuming that our material is safely preserved. And this is that the student of the future will have access to the original record of faunal conditions in California and the west, wherever we now work.
– Joseph Grinnell, 1910, The Uses and Methods of a Research Museum (source)

It’s ironic that the term “world class”–which should embody an international panoply of forms of expression, presentation, and exploration of museum content–is instead used to hew to a singular vision of excellence.
– Nina Simon, Why is “World Class” so Classist?

Visitors are people. They are not numbers. They are not dollars. They are not deliveries. They are people who have experiences with art in art museums. I’m dismayed that the same critics who decry Deitch’s disregard for artists and curators treat the public as an unimportant commodity in museums. Why do these critics care so much about the influence of money and so little about the influence of audiences? Why do they focus on what bait is presented to lure visitors in and not on what opportunities are made to engage them?
– Nina Simon, museumtwo.blogspot

He who views only the products of his only country may be said to inhabit a single world while those who see and consider the productions of other climes bring many worlds in review before them.
Carl Linnaeus (1754), cited by Roger Fyfe Macmillan Brown Lecture #1, 2010

Recommended Listening
The 2010 Macmillan Brown Lecture Series features Associate Professor Roger Fyfe (Senior Curator Anthropology, Canterbury Museum). He surveys the development of museums in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, asking “who owns the past?” in a series of lectures recorded at the Christchurch Art Gallery.

The Museum Life – Museums attract millions of visitors and employ thousands. The Museum Life, hosted by Carol Bossert, charts the growth and development of this cultural business. Museum Life showcases leaders in the field who provide perspective on current issue as well as creative thinkers who are impacting the future of museums. Join the conversation every Friday at 10 AM Eastern Time/7 AM Pacific on the Voice America Variety Channel.

World Museums Collection

Flickr Groups
World Museums

Brooklyn Museum (USA)
Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn Museum – Flickr
Help curate a show @ Brooklyn Museum…
Brooklyn Museum Mut Expedition Photos
Web 2.0: Building an On-line Community at the Brooklyn Museum


Powerhouse (Australia)
Powerhouse Museum
Powerhouse – Flickr

New Zealand
The NZMuseums website, www.nzmuseums.co.nz, profiles approximately 360 New Zealand museums and related culture and heritage organisations.

Te Papa
Our Space
Our Space Group – Flickr

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]


Oaxaca City Museums
Mexico City’s Anthropology Museum
Mexico el de Arte Popular MAP
arqueologico en Jalapa Ver

Repatriation/Black Panther

Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn Museum – Flickr
Building an On-line Community at the Brooklyn Museum: A Timeline
Graffiti Exhibit – Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn Museum

National Museum of Australia
National Gallery of Australia
Powerhouse Museum

New Zealand
Our Space – Flickr
South Canterbury Museum

Más museo revista digital

Elsewhere on the Web
Museums Give Science the Spark of Life
New Curator
A day at the museum – how much do children actually remember?
5 ways for Museums to use YouTube
National Museum of the American Indian
Mint Museum of Art
Hobo Museum (Iowa)
Charles M. Schulz
Bridge Museum Sarajevo
Southwest Museum of the American Indian
Beyond the Silos of the LAMs – Diane Zorich, Gunter Waibel and Ricky Erway


Coalition to advance learninghttps://twitter.com/LAMcoalition

Running a museum?
The UNESCO/ICOM Practical Handbook exists in downloadable English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and Chinese language versions:
Running a Museum: A Practical Handbook

EN | AR | FR | ES | RU | CH)

Essay: What’s wrong with museums
Museums are stale. Expensive. Exclusive. Do not connect with community. Do not have adequate web presence.

The idea behind WikiLoot is simple:
1. Build a collaborative web platform for the publication and analysis of primary source records and photographs documenting the illicit trade in looted antiquities.
2. Use social web and other tools to engage a broad, international network of contributors — experts, curators, journalists, investigators, academics and curious citizens — in the tagging, linking and analysis of that material.
3. With these tools, develop an authoritative public database of the illicit trade that can be used to further the public’s understanding of the scope of looting.

Chasing Aphrodite on Facebook


the Regional Museums Award focuses on museums in their roles as local story-tellers and local ambassadors (encouraging tourism and regional development) and on how they look towards survival in the future
This year there will be three categories:

  • Best volunteer-run museum
  • Best small museum (with a total budget of $150,000 or less)
  • Best Indigenous Cultural Centre/Keeping Place

Fourth International Conference on the Inclusive Museum. This Conference is to be held at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 30 June to 3 July 2011.

  • The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, Volume 1 (Download PDF)
  • The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, Volume 2 (Download PDF)
  • The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, Volume 3 (Download PDF)

More Museums on Flickr

Australian Museum
National Museum
Angelina Russo
International Council of Museums
Museums Australia
The Museum of the 21st Century – podcast discussion
Centre for the future of museums
National Museum Bangkok – Touching Thailand
Article about 3D modelling of world monuments
Australasian Cooperative Research Centre for Interaction Design
Collections Council of Australia
The Powerhouse Museum
Seb Chan’s blog
Powerhouse Museum Common Ground
Curiosity Cabinet
Brooklyn Museum Tag! You’re It!
Fourth National Public Galleries Summit

Spotlight on Simpich
Admission is Complimentary! http://simpich.com/museum.html

Spotlight on Museum 2.0


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GLAM (industry sector)


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