National Park Week is the largest celebration of national heritage in the USA and is held annually in April in tandem with Earth Day. Dates: April 22-30, 2023.

La Semana de los Parques Nacionales es la mayor celebración del patrimonio nacional en los EE. UU. y se lleva a cabo anualmente en abril junto con el Día de la Tierra. Fechas 2023: 22-30 de abril.

This year look for a deepening of regional coverage of the parks within the USA/Mexico borderlands. There will be updates to our features on biosphere reserves, national parks and monuments including Big Bend National Park, Copper Canyon, Grand Canyon, Organ Pipe, Pinacate, Sonoran Desert, Chihuahuan Desert, Gulf of Mexico, and the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez).

Key Links
NPS Commemorations and Celebrations
Your park story

National Park Foundation

Questions // Preguntas

  • Are there any scheduled live park tours or question and answer sessions from the national parks? // ¿Hay recorridos programados en vivo por el parque o sesiones de preguntas y respuestas de los parques nacionales?
  • What would locals from nearby communities like others know about their interactions with the national parks? // ¿Qué sabrían la gente local de las comunidades cercanas como otros sobre sus interacciones con los parques nacionales?
  • What access do locals have for news and information about the national parks? // ¿Qué acceso tienen los locales a noticias e información sobre los parques nacionales?

NPS collecting visitor stories for 2023 National Park Week celebration – KNAU
Celebrate with bones, birds, and boxwork at Wind Cave for National Park Week – KOTA TV
Hopewell Furnace commemorates National Park Week with Civilian Conservation Corps encampment – Daily Local
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Hawaii’s lawmakers mull imposing fees to pay for ecotourism crush – NPR

Official Spin

National Park Week is happening April 22 to April 30 this year. Entrance fees will be waived on April 22 to kick off the celebration and to encourage everyone to enjoy their national parks in person.

Join us for National Park Week, a nine-day celebration of everything “parks”. Not just about more than 400 national parks nationwide of different shapes, sizes, and types. Also discover what the National Park Service does through our programs and partners to preserve natural and cultural heritage and provide recreational opportunities in places across the country—and even the world!

Stray Observations

  • Many of the 400+ national parks are not are named “national park”


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