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National Park Week

Photo: Jasperdo Mount Rainer Picnic Tables (Some rights reserved)

National Park Week is the largest celebration of national heritage in the USA and is held annually in April in tandem with Earth Day. 2022 dates: April 16-24.

La Semana de los Parques Nacionales es la mayor celebración del patrimonio nacional en los EE. UU. y se lleva a cabo anualmente en abril junto con el Día de la Tierra. Fechas 2022: 16-24 de abril.

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Each April the National Park Service partners with the National Park Foundation. Special events are held across the country, and on weekends the parks offer free entrance.

The annual celebration helps foster connections, exploring amazing places on the ground and online. It’s a display of affordable vacations and trips that nourish the soul. The national parks are called America’s best idea and this week is the deep dive into the history, present and future of these remarkable places.

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