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New Zealand (Aotearoa) – 2018’s – takes place at three different sites in October – Palmerston, Greymouth and Invergargill. We love a good roadtrip and think the world of Nethui. is curating a Twitter moment and updating this page with links to videos, resources mentioned at the event, and our popular collection of buzzwords, some wonky, some inspirational, all worth translating into Māori and vice-versa.

Thanks to the organizers, sponsors, and participants for letting us join your virtual viewing party.

What we love: New Zealand takes the gold medal when it comes to livestreaming technology conferences. Nethui has set a global benchmark for an event inviting to locals, travelers and remote participants alike.

NetHui is for everyone who has an interest in the challenges and vast opportunities the Internet presents, the policies and regulations around access and use of the Internet, or anyone that simply wants to talk about the Internet.

As NetHui is a networking and educational event, our question from the Pacific is how to connect with the digital angels in New Zealand who would like to contribute to a global conversation about travel and tourism, conservation and environmental protection, Indigenous culture and language, and local efforts that merit acknowledgement.

Key Links


  • Is anyone writing / blogging / instagramming / tweeting about Nethui?
  • Is there a directory of participants?
  • How can we thank NetHui sponsors?
  • What is the best way to link to / embed recorded videos?
  • Are there relevant Google docs?
  • If it’s 3pm in New Zealand, what time is it around the world?
  • Are there #NetHui viewing parties?
  • What are the next steps?

We would love to see photos of the facilities, information tables and the goings on at the event. We also highlight takeaways and quotable tweets. Bonus points if you can take us on a tour of the host city. It’s a roadtrip, so videos and pictures from the highway are a treat.

Spotlight Sessions
October 5, 920am – The Future of Technology

October 11, 920amThe Internet of Things

October 11, 3pmLet’s boost our region by using social media

October 16, 11am Digital Divides, 3pm What does big data mean for the rural economy?

Twitter Moment
NetHui 2018

About NetHui
Since 2010 NetHui brings everybody and anybody that wants to talk about the Internet together. It is not a conference and speakers won’t talk at you all day. NetHui is a community event – made for the community, by the community. Hashtag: #nethui

From the organizers: NetHui is about discussions, not presentations – participants set topics and lead conversations amongst all of the attendees. While there are plenary sessions with keynote speakers to bring participants together at the beginning and end of each day, most of a NetHui is dedicated to breakout sessions, often with multiple sessions running concurrently. This format deliberately creates smaller groups so more voices can be heard.

A NetHui feels very different to most events. The collaborative conversations between participants draws in views and expertise that is often overlooked. People share their own experiences as well as their expertise, so it is rare for a NetHui session to end without everyone feeling like they learned something new – even if they were experts in the topic to begin with.

All sessions at NetHui events are livestreamed. People who are not able to make the event in person can watch from wherever they are in the world. To follow the conference, watch and subscribe to the Livestream channel

Internet NZ: “InternetNZ has helped bring the NetHui experience to New Zealanders interested in the future of the Internet since 2011 – they have been held in cities, regions and at your house via live streaming. A NetHui brings people together to learn, share, create, expand networks, discuss the future of the Internet and the challenges and opportunities the Internet brings to us all – personally and professionally.”

Adoption – Apps – Bottom-Up – Breakout Topics – Brick and Mortar – Code of Conduct – Community – Community groups – Community-driven – Connectivity – Conversation – Database – DigitalDigital Angel – Digital Champion – Digital Divide – Digital InclusionDigital Natives – Discover – Expert – Explore – Exploring – Fish – Good Place – Good Practice – Government – Guru – Hashtags – Housekeeping – Hub – Identify – InternetInternet of Things – Just ask – LibraryLifelong learningMakerspace – Māori – Mentors – Microphone – New Technologies – Next Steps – On Demand – Open – Opportunities – Remote – Remote Participant – Resilience – Routine – Rugby – Rural – Safety – Send to device – Skillset – Social – Social Web – Success – Synergies – Teach the teachers – Technology – Third Space – Top-Down – Trust – Tui – WaiataWi-Fi

Random quotes and questions
Connectivity is not ubiquitous.
Why can’t we get a group of tech experts together?
Just ask.
Is this as good as it gets?
How would your life be different if you weren’t connected?
How can we encourage people who are putting their head in the sand to get online?

Panel and Closing – 52:00 Embedding, 57:00 Corporate responsibility … Wi-fi

Elsewhere on the Web / Mentioned
“This kind of space is always what I wanted. So we can throw rugby balls and basketballs around and it doesn’t break anything.” – Ben Scott
In Their Prime: Benny’s Barber Shop opens warehouse space in central Christchurch

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