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What Impact will the $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Deal have on Nevada? – Over the next five years, Nevada is set to receive more than 4 billion dollars under the $1.2 trillion-dollar infrastructure package signed into law by President Joe Biden last week. The money includes billions to build and maintain roads and bridges, more than 750 million to improve public transit and airports. Another 100 million dollars is dedicated to expanding broadband access.   But how will it affect Nevada? And will the money go where it is most needed? 
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Electric Vehicles

energy.nv.gov: The Nevada Electric Highway (NEH) began as a partnership between the Governor’s Office of Energy, NV Energy, and Valley Electric Association to expand the state’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure by placing charging stations at cost-effective and strategic locations, initially along U.S. 95 between Reno and Las Vegas. PDF: Nevada Electric Highway Report and Map

Nevada’s Strategic Planning Framework established the goal to complete an “electric highway” system serving the entire state by 2020, building on the initial agency plans to install publicly available EV fast-charging infrastructure along U.S. Highway 95 between Reno and Las Vegas (NEH Phase I). The NEH initiative, led by the Governor’s Office of Energy, aims to achieve this goal through partnership with the Nevada Department of Transportation, Nevada’s electric utilities, and private commercial host sites. Each station incentivized by the Governor’s Office of Energy in Phase I includes two Level 2 charges and one Direct Current (DC) fast charger. Phase II charger requirements are similarly a minimum of two chargers, but with the option to have both be Direct Current (DC) fast chargers.

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2018 Election

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Question 3: Opponents Make Their Case – Opponents of Question 3 say it shouldn’t be a constitutional measure, and that its cost to implement is too high. (October 2018)

Question 3: Supporters Make Their Case – Advocates of the ballot question on changing how Nevada’s electricity market is regulated say if it is passed, customers will pay less to keep their lights on. (October 2018)

Ballot Question 6

Nevada Energy
Nevada Energy has a new campaign: the Power of Good.

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Power of Good

Text: It’s a new day in energy. Where we make our mark by leaving less of one on our planet. Nevada has achieved the greatest reduction in carbon emissions of any state in the west. With nearly 50 renewable energy projects. Providing enough clean energy to power more than one million homes at once. We’re all committed to leaving less of an impact on the environment and a greater impact on our community. Together we’re protecting everything we love about Nevada for many generations to come. The Power of Good is Always On.




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