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The Nevada Sagebrush Ecosystem Program is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary program established to protect and enhance the sagebrush landscape. The sagebrush ecosystem, in addition to being home for much of the state’s plants and wildlife, is an integral part of Nevada’s culture and economy. The ecosystem program is focused on providing solutions and actions to the myriad of threats challenging the condition of the ecosystem and the plants, animals, and people dependent upon the health and resiliency of this landscape.

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Bi-Annual Report 2016
Nevada State Plan
Strategic Action Plan

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Publication: Sagebrush to Sandstone

Digital copydead tree version

Sagebrush to Sandstone: A Humanities Guide to Outdoor Nevada is published by Nevada Humanities, designed by Black Rock Press, and includes special front and back covers letterpress printed by Black Rock Press, with cover art by Jack Malotte. Part nature guide, part poetry book, and part workbook, this 100-page guide is composed of poems by writers from around the state paired with art depicting Nevada’s natural beauty, as well as creative prompts accompanied by scientific text to inspire more active and reflective engagement with the world around us.

Sagebrush to Sandstone is edited by Kathleen Kuo and Scott Dickensheets and contains a foreword by Nevada Humanities executive director, Christina Barr, as well as an introduction by Debra Harry, an associate professor in the Department of Gender, Race, and Identity at the University of Nevada, Reno, and a member of the Nevada Humanities Board of Trustees. 

Sagebrush to Sandstone: A Humanities Guide to Outdoor Nevada is part of Nevada Reads, which is a statewide reading program of Nevada Humanities. 

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