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New Games = Games that are new

Can refer to The New Games Book and movement or literally new games


One of my fondest memories was playing ‘Spirals’ at the 2002 Ecotourism Conference. I forget who facilitated the exercise, but there I was asked to play on stage. In events that are mostly reading and listening at one another in a cavernous auditorium, physical interaction was a welcome delight.


  • Have you played any of the new games from the New Games book? = ¿Has jugado a alguno de los juegos nuevos del libro New Games?


By all means let us cherish the traditional sports for their many beauties, their unplumbed potential, and for the certainty they afford. But we have signed no long-term contract to suffer their extremes. The time has come to move on, to create new games with new rules more in tune with the times, games in which there are no spectators and no second­-string players, games for a whole family and a whole day in which aggression fades into laughter, where creative play rules the day – new gams.
Georg Leonard, The Ultimate Athlete and co­-founder of New Games

New Games Book
Wikipedia: The New Games Book and its companion, More New Games, were resources developed for the “New Games” movement which began in the late 1960s to encourage people to play non-competitive or friendlier games. Many of the “New Games” may now be seen played, in their modern variants, in church youth groups, summer camps, gym classes, theatre workshops and as team-building exercises for organizations.


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