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New South Wales

Photo: Denisbin, Parkes (Some rights reserved)

New South Wales is in the southeast of Australia with the Pacific Ocean to the East, Queensland to the north and Victoria to the south.

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Waratahs (Telopea speciosissima) belong to the genus Telopea, in the Proteaceae family. The plant is native to a small area of the central coast of New South Wales, and it grows wildly in hilly areas near Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. In 1962 it was proclaimed New South Wales’ official floral emblem.

The Darling River is the longest river in Australia, flowing 2,739 kilometers from northern New South Wales to its confluence with the Murray River at Wentworth.

New South Wales has around a hundred ocean baths. These pools are tidal swimming pools on the open coast and waves break over the side of these pools. Some of the oldest baths are in the cities of Newcastle and Wollongong, although Sydney’s ocean baths are better known.





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