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Many of these books, movies, and other titles are available on Amazon.com. Yes, we do receive a small commission for purchases made from links to Amazon on this page. As important are the links and nods to the authors and tweets about the work.

Featured on this page are working notes of new titles. It frequently changes as items are moved or removed.

Bicycling with Butterflies
MPF Webinar: Bicycling with Butterflies with Sara Dykman
Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education

Beloved Beasts: Fighting for Life in an Age of Extinction
Michelle Nijhuis
The wild history of animal conservation

Whole Earth: The Many Lives of Stewart Brand
One strand that runs through Markoff’s book unremarked is the fact that Brand loved shopping. He was the prototypical early adopter, prepared to pay sticker price for the latest gadgets, a habit linked to his father’s love for mail-order catalogs and even further back to a family hardware supply business. He took the same shopping approach to ideas and identities, always on the lookout for something new. Many of his peers were the same way, and for them he dreamed up the Whole Earth Catalog, a thick brochure for the reverse-engineered store of Stewart.
Stewart Brand’s Dubious Futurism – Malcolm Harris/The Nation
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John Markoff

Malcolm Harris

Dignity in a Digital Age

What’s new?
Islander: My Life in Music and Beyond
by Chris Blackwell, Paul Morley (Editor)
https://simonandschusterpublishing.com/gallery-books/ – Gallery Books, established in 2010, publishes a wide range of books—prescient pop culture, heartfelt novels, page-turner thrillers, memorable memoirs, genre-defining franchises, smart self-help, and fearless cultural commentary—that engage, enlighten, and entertain.

Waves and Beaches: The Powerful Dynamics of Sea and Coast (3rd edition)
By Willard Bascom and Kim McCoy

This is how your marriage ends
The Marriage Lesson That I Learned Too Late – The Atlantic @MBTTTR

There are no accidents
Simon and Schuster
Stop calling them “accidents” – Vox

Southernization of America
@ctuckerprof @newsouthbooks
A new book argues the U.S. South shapes the nation’s political and cultural landscape – NPR
Video – Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Twenty to the Mile
Twenty to the Mile — The Overland Telegraph Line (Gallery)

How Australia built the internet of the 19th century – Northern Territory historian Derek Pugh recalls the 36,000 poles, undersea cable and sheer ingenuity that went into the greatest feat of engineering in 19th century Australia — the Overland Telegraph Line

‘Heritage and Nationalism: understanding populism through big data’
Big News on 14 March! 1. After 5 years of work, my @UCLpress book on ‘Heritage and Nationalism: understanding populism through big data’ is finally out today
YOHRS: Chiara Bonacchi’s talk on “Re-Thinking Digital Heritage Research”
Chiara Bonacchi, UCL – MicroPasts. Reviewing Two Years of Heritage Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding

Insect Crisis


Metaphysical Animals

Extreme North

The First Shots
The race for the vaccine – Covid-19 has torn through the world for the past two years, leaving a global death anywhere between 10 and 19 million people. How did we get the vaccines we are now using? Biologist and journalist Brendan Borrell tells the dramatic story of the scientists, public servants, business people and politicians racing to get a vaccine out in the United States during the height of the 2020 pandemic. 

Girt Nation

Roadside Geology of Nevada

Neil Pyatt
Contemporary Art and Community Altruism in Oaxaca


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