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Collaboration in New Zealand Travel and Tourism


Join us on a virtual tour of travel and tourism in New Zealand (Aotearoa).

Related to this feature is a Google Doc: Collaboration in New Zealand Travel and Tourism —
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YiYNLbBqoMksx3aftECKi4rMdupAmMFe8QL3TaS9lNA/edit — that anyone can edit.

Obviously, we’d like people who can be knowledgeable and helpful to participate.


  • Are there examples of travel trade shows and tourism conferences using livestreaming video?
  • What are the most imaginative, creative online resources from New Zealand that assist visitors?
  • How can the social web can be best used to connect locals in NZ with visitors (those outside the NZ and New Zealanders themselves)
  • What would locals like visitors to know about New Zealand?

Collaboration in New Zealand Travel and Tourism

Collaborative editing



New Zealand’s National Digital Forum

Livestreaming Now: Royal Cam from Taiaroa Head/Pukekura


New Zealand = Aotearoa

The Value of Collaboration

Collaborative Editing

Livestreaming and archived video

Google Docs

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