Advancing a diverse and inclusive public lands system, the Next 100 Coalition – – hosted a National Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The two-day event convenes grassroots and national leaders to construct a strategic policy agenda that addresses attacks on access and protections of public lands, while growing the diverse partnerships necessary to promote and implement a more equitable and inclusive public lands and conservation system.

Program Overview: Friday, May 4
8:30am: Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:10am: Perspectives No. 1: How We Come to Conservation
9:15am: Introduction to Las Vegas and Southern Nevada
9:25am: Welcome and Discussion of Purpose for the Day
9:30am: Plenary Session I: How Do We Get There Together?
10:00am: Plenary Session II: Panel: A Common Value Base for Collective Action
11:00am: Break
11:15am: Perspectives No. 2: How We Come to Conservation
11:20am: Discussion of CA Polling Results
11:45am: Outline for Afternoon Breakout Sessions
12:00pm: Lunch
1:00pm: Breakout Session I: Shaping the Elements of the Policy Agenda
2:00pm: Break
2:15pm: Breakout Session II: Driving Action within the Spheres of Influence
3:15pm: Break
3:30pm: Perspectives No 3: How We Come to Conservation
3:40pm: Plenary Session III: Shaping the Policy Agenda
5:00pm: Summary of the Day and Next Steps
5:15pm: Adjourn
5:30pm: Reception

Saturday, May 5
8:00am: Continental Breakfast
8:45am: Perspectives No. 3: How We Come to Conservation
9:00am: Plenary Session IV: Discussion with Leaders of Today and Tomorrow
10:15am: Considering Our Options at the State and Local Levels
11:05am: Break
11:15am: Unveiling the Next 100 Policy Agenda and the Commitment of Partners
11:45am: Closing: Reviewing Our Accomplishments, Challenges, and the Road Ahead
12:00pm: Adjourn

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  • Does the event have a hashtag? Yes: #Next100Summit
  • Will the summit have live and recorded video?
  • Are presentations and relevant resources available online?
  • Is there a directory of participants?
  • Who are the sponsors of the event?
  • Who is working on the connections between tourism and park conservation?

Next 100
The Next 100 is a coalition of over 50 organizations committed to the establishment of a just and inclusive system of our nation’s parks and public lands.

The 100th birthday of the National Park Service in 2016 was an opportunity to kick off the next century of conservation and stewardship in America — one that protects our public land heritage for all to access and enjoy.

A more inclusive approach to our country’s public lands over the next 100 years must be driven by three guiding principles:

REFLECT THE FACES OF OUR COUNTRY: Our national public lands must reflect the demographic and ethnic diversity of our nation’s people among visitors, the agencies’ workforce and in the designation of new units. This will require a cultural shift within the agencies responsible for managing and overseeing these spaces and a commitment from people outside the agencies to join together to support this approach.

RESPECT FOR ALL CULTURES: Our public lands play a unique role in capturing the many different historical, cultural and spiritual stories that have shaped this country — celebrating acts of bravery and sacrifice, recognizing the unique contributions of all people, and providing opportunities for atonement and healing. We need to make sure that the full range of these stories are being told at existing and new park units and public lands. Protecting cultural and natural landscapes that tell America’s complex history will help us learn from our past, honor our ancestors and educate future generations.

RESPONSIBILITY TO ACTIVELY ENGAGE ALL PEOPLE: The future of our national public lands depends upon public support from all people. Moving forward, we must actively and authentically engage a diverse range of communities in new and meaningful ways to build support for our public lands and shape the direction of our future public lands and natural resources policies.

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