Exploring conservation and tourism associations / networks / societies

Since the beginning of Planeta.com in 1994, we have communicated and connected with number of associations and groups focused on the intersections connecting conservation and tourism. Many no longer exist. Others continue with the same name but little of the early leadership.

For World Tourism Day we are updating our index of relevant associations around the world. We also submit a few questions regarding the value of these associations for members and for the public. Rethinking tourism requires timely and relevant info. Suggestions welcome as we update our coverage.

Questions = Preguntas

  • What sort of directories are there of members? = ¿Qué tipo de directorios hay de miembros?
  • What is asked/expected of members? = ¿Qué se pide / se espera de las miembros/los miembros?
  • Is there a written history? = ¿Existe una historia escrita?
  • Do you have documents, photos / videos about the organization? Would you like help sharing these materials? = ¿Tienes documentos, fotos/videos sobre la organización? ¿Le gustaría recibir ayuda para compartir estos materiales?
  • How does the group compare / contrast with other conservation and tourism associations? = ¿Cómo se compara/contrasta el grupo con otras asociaciones de conservación y turismo?
  • Is the network an NGO? = ¿La red es una ONG?

Ecotourism Associations around the World



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