The first full week of May is recognized as National Travel and Tourism Week in the USA, a tradition first celebrated in 1984, established by a Congressional joint resolution passed in 1983. Host: @USTravel

2022 dates: May 1-7

#PowerOfTravel, #TravelandTourismWeek, #TheFutureofTravel, #NTTW22

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Questions = Preguntas

  • Where can we access timely statistics about travel and tourism in the USA? = ¿Dónde podemos acceder a estadísticas puntuales sobre viajes y turismo en los EE. UU.?
  • What is the status of ecotourism, Indigenous tourism, and regenerative tourism in the USA? = ¿Cuál es el estado del ecoturismo, el turismo indígena y el turismo regenerativo en los EE. UU.?
  • What is the future of travel? = ¿Cuál es el futuro de los viajes?

This is the week we articulate the challenges we are facing as locals and visitors alikewhat is the power of travel? Let’s talk plusses and minuses. To what degree do locals want and need visitors? To what degree have visitors’ needs changed? Are there behaviors we are keen on keeping beyond the COVID19 pandemic?

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