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National Travel and Tourism Week 2020

Poster: NTTW in San Antonio

Join us as we observe this year’s National Travel and Tourism Week May 3-9, highlighting virtual road trips across the USA. We spotlight fave places we hope to visit again after the pandemic.

Hashtags: #NTTW20 #SpiritOfTravel

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Virtual Road Trip


  • Where can we access timely statistics about tourism in the USA?
  • What is the status of ecotourism in the USA?
  • What is the status of Indigenous tourism in the USA?
  • Looking ahead, after the pandemic, what are the stories we will tell of the impact of coronavirus on people and places in the USA?

2020 Celebration
This year, the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency is having an unprecedented impact on the travel industry and the entire economy. Now more than ever, the travel and tourism community must come together, support each other and remind our country that even through the most difficult times, the Spirit of Travel cannot be broken.

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