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Aotearoa New Zealand on the Social Web


What are your inspired, go-to resources for Aotearoa New Zealand?

Whether you’re a Kiwi or a friend of the island, share with us your recommendations that make the most of the social web. This presentation features snapshots from websites and social web channels and apps. We welcome your interaction — comments, questions, suggestions, shares, clips, favorites, likes, and hearts.

What we can do on the Social Web

  • Like Aotearoa New Zealand on Facebook
  • Give a thumbs up on YouTube
  • Share photos on Flickr and Instagram
  • Follow and retweet friends from this country
  • Rate places and services on TripAdvisor and Yelp

What we need from Aotearoa New Zealand

  • Livestreaming video from conferences
  • Engaging Facebook pages from tourism offices
  • Engaging Twitter interaction from officials
  • Multilingual info (English, Māori y más)
  • Public access to tourism stats
  • Spotlight on nature conservation
  • Encouragement for fans of Aotearoa New Zealand


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