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Oak Flat

Photo: Patrick Dockens, Landscape

Spotlight on Oak Flat, Arizona, the Tonto National Forest, and Chich’il Bildagoteel, a culturally important site for local Apache.  

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Breaking News: The Forest Service says it will trigger the land exchange of sacred Oak Flat to mining giant Rio Tinto on January 15th, five days before Biden takes office. This is Apache holy ground and it’s destruction is an act of cultural genocide

Oak Flat is the place where traditional Apache believe they settled on the Earth after the great flood—akin to the Christmas Mt Sinai—and though they were driven on to reservations miles away from this holy place: it is still used for significant rites and rituals to this day.

I’m here at Oak Flat where dozens of Apache elders and others have gathered this morning to pray in advance of the waning Trump administration’s move to gift this holy land to a mining company who plans to catastrophically destroy the area.

“We can’t let a corrupt president destroy this precious place on his way out the door. We’ll do everything possible to protect Oak Flat.” — The Center’s Randy Serraglio

Outcry as Trump officials to transfer sacred Native American land to miners

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Oak Flat


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