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Oaxaca 2001 Internet Workshop

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From the archives (2001): Oaxaca 2001 Internet Workshop (Taller Internet 2001 en Oaxaca)

Ron Mader: After living and working in Mexico City for several years in the late 1990s, I decided to base my research elsewhere. Years of slow searching led me to Oaxaca, and I stared to make the transition at the start of 2001.

Early on – March 2001 – I was invited to lead an Internet Workshop in Oaxaca City. I had previously met state tourism official Abdón Vázquez Villalobos at the eco/adventure conference in San Luis Potosi.

This is one of my fondest memories of the early Internet and letting others know – in Spanish – how they could reach out to one another and to the planet at large via the World Wide Web.

My work in Mexico was contributing to Transitions Abroad during its transition from print to print and web to web. Some of my favorite articles were written at this time and encouraged visitors to slow down and enjoy the rhythm of the community, Oaxaca being a relaxed and laid-back environment. I had a front row seat seeing how Oaxacans and visitors saw each other and what information they could use touristicly speaking to connect with others.

This page – a veritable work-in-progress – will digitize the summary (memoria) prepared by the state government nearly 20 years ago (March 2001). In full disclosure, I was paid about $500, and I used the money to buy an immediately-obsolete television. What I got out of it – nearly 20 years later – were numerous friendships and insights into local culture.

Memoria: 2001 Internet Taller Oaxaca


  • What are the tips (technical, social) on digitizing old reports?
  • What other memorias are accessible online from state tourism offices?
  • For those who have read the summary, what things have changed and not changed since 2001?

Only a few of the tourism operations that attended the workshop in 2001 are still around in 2020.

Today (2020) Oaxaca has some of the liveliest Facebook pages: Pedro Martinez, La Cosecha Oaxaca, Pochote Mercado

Happy to see livestreaming from CORTV

Ron Mader is a professional speaker, photographer journalist and the founder of Planeta.com, the web’s first site dedicated to ecotourism. Ron’s work catalyzes communication about environmental conservation, travel and peacemaking. He gives presentations and seminars on topics including Strategies for using the Social Web.

Ron Mader es un orador, periodista y fotógrafo el fundador de Planeta.com, el sitio web dedicado al ecoturismo. Ron cataliza la labor de la comunicación acerca de la conservación del medio ambiente, los viajes y la paz. Imparte seminarios y presentaciones sobre temas como Estrategias usandando las redes sociales.

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