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Oaxaca: What did we learn from the 2006 social protests?

Photo: Desalojo Replay

Planeta.com takes readers on a trip down memory line to one of the more problematic episodes in our peripatetic journey. A decade ago there were news-making social protests in Oaxaca, Mexico and we were there for the duration of the crisis.

On the anniversary of the June 14, 2006 desalojo, we are asking friends and colleagues who lived or visited Oaxaca during this contentious period for their memories and take-away lessons.

We also debut a collection of archival photos taken by Ron Mader: 2006 Oaxaca

¿Cuáles fueron tus experiencias durante las protestas de 2006?
What were your experiences during the 2006 protests?

¿Alguna de las interacciones específicas vienen a la mente entre junio y noviembre de 2006?
Do any any specific interactions come to mind between June-November 2006?

¿Qué hemos aprendido de las protestas de 2006 en Oaxaca?
What did we learn from the 2006 protests in Oaxaca?

2006 photos






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