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Oaxaca Biodiversity

Photo: Puerto Escondido

Spotlight on the biodiversity in Oaxaca, Mexico


How is ‘biodiversity’ translated in Oaxaca’s Indigenous languages? = ¿Cómo se traduce ‘biodiversidad’ en las lenguas indígenas de Oaxaca? (Responses: Gi’ayegu (Zapoteco)

What role does the Citizen Council for Biodiversity play? = ¿Qué papel juega el Consejo Ciudadano para la Biodiversidad?

2022-2032 is the International Decade of Indigenous Languages. How do we celebrate language, culture, and biodiversity together? = 2022-2032 es el Decenio Internacional de las Lenguas Indígenas. ¿Cómo celebramos juntos el idioma, la cultura y la biodiversidad?


El Pueblo Zapoteco Xidza y su entorno natural (Sep 2020)

Kenia Velasco: Rasgos geográficos del #territorio, tipos de #vegetación y #flora Reyna Domínguez: Estudios sobre la #magnolia Ramiro Aragon: #Aves Joel Cruz: Monitoreo de #mamíferos en Tiltepec Edgar Martínez: Monitoreo de mamíferos en comunidades de #VillaAlta

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Consejo Ciudadano para la Biodiversidad (Citizen Council for Biodiversity)

Oaxaca, pionero en la instalación del Consejo Ciudadano para la Biodiversidad

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La etnobotánica de La Ventosa (municipio de Juchitán de Zaragoza), Oaxaca (U. Oregon)


Flora: In the Cañada region, in the Tehuantepec river basin and in the Isthmus, the low forests are located and along the Pacific slope the medium and low forests intermingle. Next in importance are coniferous and oak forests in the mountainous areas and pastures in the Mixteca region and in the Central Valleys. There are small areas of scrub to the northwest on the border with Puebla. There are also mangroves, palm trees and mesquite.

Fauna: Humid jungle: tapir, gecko, tropical porcupine, nauyaca and oaxacan cecilia. Dry forest: shrew, armadillo, raccoon, magpie, calandria, hummingbird and chachalaca. Forest: flying squirrel, lynx, rabbit, puma, bat, snake, opossum, rattlesnake, owl, hawk and white-tailed deer. On the coast: heron, eagle, iguana and crocodile. Animals in danger of extinction: jaguar, howler monkey, ocelot, tigrillo and loggerhead turtle.


selva mediana subperennifolia = medium semi-deciduous forests

bosque mesófilo = cloud forest

bosque de pino-encino = pine and oak forest


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