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Oaxaca Grasshoppers

Photo: A Serving of Fresh Grasshoppers at Pochimilco

Si quieres regresar a Oaxaca come chapulines.

Oaxaca – Oaxacans eat a lot of insects. Among the favorite bugs are the grasshoppers (chapulines) consumed (legs intact) as a snack garnished with wedges of lime.

For those who wish to sample this local specialty, there are plenty of options. Fresh batches of the bug are for sale at markets, including Benito Juárez and Abastos.

Dining options include the Sopa de Chapulines at Los Danzantes, chiles rellenos (stuffed with grasshoppers) at María Bonita and the traditional chapulines, guacamole and tortillas at Del Jardin on the Zócalo.

The restaurant at the Monte Albán museum boasts a special dish called ‘Nido de Grillas’ (the grasshopper’s nest).

Tip – In the market, don’t smell the grasshoppers without asking permission. They are for eating, not smelling. No huela los chapulines, son para comer.

Chinanteco: Athla yin
Mixtec: Tìka
Zapotec (Valles Centralles): U-shaidi, Ushad
Ayöök (Mixe): Piip
German: Heuschrecke
Japanese: Inago
Spanish: Chapulines
Icelandic: Field Sprinters

Where to eat grasshoppers in Oaxaca City
Comala (on occasion) – Chile de agua relleno con chapulin y queso

Toasted grasshoppers hit a home run with baseball fans – CNET

Stray observations
Japan serves up sweetened grasshoppers


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