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Oaxaca Postcards (2008)


From the archives

To raise local and global awareness of Oaxaca’s unique cultural and biological diversity, Planeta.com is publishing a series of postcards designed and printed by Despacharte owned by graphic designer Miguel Angel Vargas.

“Postcards are a terrific souvenir of a trip and a reminder of people and places worth remembering,” said Ron Mader, a journalist based in Oaxaca City (2001-2013).

Each postcard includes a bilingual description and a classic Mexican proverb.

Postcards are a terrific souvenir of a trip and a reminder of people and places worth remembering

Slow Travel
In an age of email and twitter, postcards are an example of slow travel.

“By using images that are less common and by including comments from locals, we highlight the value of Oaxaca’s unique cultural and biological diversity,” Mader said, adding that when purchased in Oaxaca any postcard can be sent to friends and family at a leisurely pace.

Postcards on the Social Web
All of the photos chosen for the postcard series are visible on Flickr, one of the web’s premiere photography websites. Ron Mader’s photo gallery has been viewed more than a half million times. “Flickr has been a blessing,” Mader said. “It is a wonderful introduction to the social web and rewards participation.”

One of the inspirations for the Oaxaca postcard series are notecards from New Zealand, photographed by Tom Walter. Manaki Whenua, Manaki Tangata, Haere whakamua (Care for the land. Care for people. Go forward) is one of the best examples of inspired travel photography that is a wonderful introduction to New Zealand.

When it came time to print the postcards, Mader chose to work with the Oaxaca City-based graphics design company Despacharte. “We opted to partner with a local business in the printing of the postcards,” Mader said, adding that such local partnerships are invaluable.

Ron invites fans of his photos to suggest the images they would like to see made into postcards. “For the second series we have a number of candidates to choose from and we’ll be reviewing the stats, including number of views, comments and the amount of times photos have been favorited. Locally we are polling Oaxacans and visitors what images they’d like to see. And best of all we are editing the captions with the captions with the artisanos and market venders.”
postcards from oaxaca

Where to find the postcards
In Oaxaca City, the postcards were distributed at fine establishments including Amate Books, Bambu, Casa Arnel, Casa Bugambilias and Xiguela.


external image 22120429_58f20c1427_s.jpgMás sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo.
The devil knows more because he is old rather than because he is a devil.
Santa Catarina Lachatao, Oaxaca – Window view from abandoned schoolhouse


Santa Catarina Lachatao, Oaxaca – Vista de la ventana de una escuela abandonada

external image 626349638_99023e8c24_s.jpgDe la vista nace el amor.
Love grows from sight.
Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca – Workshop of Josefina Méndez López and Porfirio Hernández Alavez, Calle Guerrero


Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca – Taller de Josefina Méndez López y Porfirio Hernández Alavez, Calle Guerrero

external image 50282536_e70c151c65_s.jpgCada cabeza es un mundo.
To each his own.
Oaxaca, México – crystallized fruit candy made by Enrique Matadamas
Oaxaca, México – Dulces cristilizadas hecho por Enrique Matadamas
external image 96839115_09aa56678a_s.jpgMás vale paso que dure, que trote que canse.
A steady step is better than a trot that tires.
Oaxaca, México – Arte Ayuuk sells handmade ceramics from the Ayuuk region. In the local language, the pots are called ‘yakxtö’ts’ used to cook food under a comal.


Oaxaca, México – Arte Ayuuk vende ceramica de la region Ayuuk de Oaxaca. En el idoma local, las ollas atravezadas estan llamadas yakx to’ots y usadas para cocinar comida bajo la comal.

external image 56923558_b7388e42e5_s.jpgEl muerto a pozo y el vivo al gozo. El muerto a la sepultura y el vivo a la travesura.
The dead to the grave, the living to pleasure.
Oaxaca, México – Marigolds


Oaxaca, México – Cempasúchil

external image 747901870_c7af7b060f_s.jpgA quien madruga, Dios le ayuda.
God helps those who rise early.
Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca – Angel
external image 54143273_ca8de8903f_s.jpgEl que busca encuentra.
One finds what one looks for.
Oaxaca de Juárez, México – Shopping bags for sale at the Benito Juárez Market


Oaxaca de Juárez, México – Bolsas de plástico en venta en el Mercado Benito Juárez

external image 72464200_655a35272f_s.jpgEntre faros no hay competidores.
There is no competition among lighthouses.
Oaxaca de Juárez, México – Virgen of Guadalupe Display made by Boris ‘Spider’


Oaxaca de Juárez, México – Virgen of Guadalupe Display hecho por Boris ‘Spider’

November 12 – Día del Cartero (Post Office Worker’s Day)

March 2010 – Amate Books have re-stocked!

September 2009 – The postcards are for sale at Casa Arnel

August 2009 – Packaging the postcards for sale at future events.

July 2009 – The postcards are for sale from the Mendoza Family on Alcala Street during Guelaguetza. Photo

March 2009 – I have found resealable plastic bags that can be used to sell packages of the postcards. Now if I can find the bags in biodegradable plastic!

September 2008 – The cards are now available at Hotel Las Bugambilias.

July 2008 – The cards are out. Despacharte did a great job with printing … Handing out a choice of cards at the Sanchez Pascuas Market, venders chose the Guadalaupe postcard about 80% of the time … The only criticisms of the cards are that the descriptions could be longer on a few of the cards … Also, the cards do not identify the photographer (Ron Mader). Oops! … Looking for good ways to display the cards. Working with artisans to prepare some ceramic and pine needle displays … The postcards will be sent to sponsors of Oaxaca Amigos.

Srute nain (Very beautiful)
– Aurora Bazan, Teotitlán del Valle

Translating: Take a breath and enjoy your visit
Spanish: Tome un respiro y disfruta tu estancia


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