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This essay is part of a series of communication explainers, such as recommended online strategies.

While those of us who are active online users enjoy global connectivity, the in-real-life world remains where we — and our neighbors — call home.

Since the start of the Planeta.com website (1994-1995) we have tried to bridge what we do on the web with what we do on the street. Think virtually and act locally.

How to bridge between the virtual and natural worlds? First, we need more round table discussions. I’ve hosted informal chats and get-togethers in Las Vegas, Austin, Mexico City and Oaxaca City.

These are opportunities to bring together people who have a common interest and allow them to exchange information. I bring copies of materials on the Web and often post rough notes from these meetings online and gatherings  online.

Conferencing also benefits from greater synergies. This topic is explored further in the essay Conferences in the Virtual and Natural Worlds.

For example, what sense is there in promoting tourism solely on the Web and then not maintaining a kiosk with the basic information in a given town or destination?

Time spent offline is spent with friends or in serious introspection in a natural setting. I would rather be biking or pretending to play rugby or such. That requires work in the ‘virtual realm’ where contact and contracts are made in the global market.


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