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Photo: Ron Mader, Zion National Park (Some rights reserved)

Links related to Open Access, Open Educational Resources and all things open presented in somewhat random fashion:

Sounds of the Forest: A Free Audio Archive Gathers the Sounds of Forests from All Over the World
MIT, guided by open access principles, ends Elsevier negotiations
Open access to collections is a no-brainer – it’s a clear-cut extension of any museum’s mission – Apollo Magazine
How federal agencies can make better /open government webpages@EPluribusUnum
Time to break academic publishing’s stranglehold on research
The Future Of Open Access: Why Has Academia Not Embraced The Internet Revolution?
La UNAM abre millones de archivos en su Portal de Datos Abiertos
The Internet’s Own Investigator
Open access: All human knowledge is there—so why can’t everybody access it?
Biden Calls for Open Access, Open Data, & New Research Incentives for Cancer Research
Entire editorial staff of Elsevier journal Lingua resigns over high price, lack of open access
Free the knowledge
Let’s shine a light on paywalls that deny open access to scientific research
Open Access — yes you can@Stephen_Curry
Open Access for University of Texas Libraries?
Planning for Open, Sustainable, & Learning-Analytics-Ready Resources


Database: The Journal of Biological Databases and Curation academic.oup.com/database – provides an open access platform for the presentation of novel ideas in database research surrounding biological information, and aims to help strengthen the bridge between database developers, curators, and users.

Open Publishing Fest, May 2020
Open Publishing Fest celebrates communities developing open creative, scholarly, technological, and civic publishing projects. This is at once a collaborative and distributed event. Sessions are hosted by individuals and organizations around the world as panel discussions, fireside chats, demonstrations, and performances. We connect those points to bring them in conversation with one another and map out what’s next.

Translating Open Access Week
Spanish: Semana de Acceso Abierto

Translating: Set the Default to Open
Spanish: Establecer el Valor Prederminado a Abierto
(double checking, there has to be something better than this, more on openaccessweek.org)

Key Links


How is International Open Access Week translated in other languages?

What are the notable publications and resources made available this year in Open Access format in the following categories:

  • Travel and Tourism?
  • Parks and Protected Areas?
  • Travel and Tourism in Parks and Protected Areas?

Open in Action
Open in Action: 2016 Open Access Week (October 24-30) #OAweek @SPARC_NA

“teaching, learning and research materials in any medium, digital or otherwise, that reside in the public domain or have been released under an open license that permits no-cost access, use, adaptation and redistribution by others with no or limited restrictions.”

Cape Town
The Cape Town Open Education Declaration
“[O]pen educational resources should be freely shared through open licences which facilitate use, revision, translation, improvement and sharing by anyone. Resources should be published in formats that facilitate both use and editing, and that accommodate a diversity of technical platforms. Whenever possible, they should also be available in formats that are accessible to people with disabilities and people who do not yet have access to the Internet.”

The Wikieducator OER Handbook
“The term “Open Educational Resource(s)” (OER) refers to educational resources (lesson plans, quizzes, syllabi, instructional modules, simulations, etc.) that are freely available for use, reuse, adaptation, and sharing.”

Open science


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