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Outbounding – outbounding.org – is a community-powered website focused on excellent travel writing. Members curate favorite travel content to share with new audiences across the web. “It’s time to demand better than thin, facile fluff.”

Outbounding resembles Reddit in that anyone can submit quality features and the best are voted up (upvoted!) by members.

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Here’s how it works: Login with Twitter. The handle will be the Outbounding username.

What we like best: Very easy to tweet fave travel features, audio podcasts and other forms of content.

Outbounding affirms the value of being generous. See Outbounding’s very own Guideline #2: “The community works best when we’re sharing great content from across the web, not just our own material. Please don’t limit yourself to posting your own stuff, we’d also like to know what other content you’re finding inspiring and influential wherever it may be published.”

On our wishlist:


  • What’s on the agenda for OutBounding.org? Are there ways to collaborate and co-host events?

A few words about Karma
Members earn karma points by submitting strong content that the rest of the community appreciates. The more content you submit, from diverse domains (not just your own), which generates more votes and comments, the more karma points you earn.

In turn karma gradually increases your voting weight. Not by a huge amount, but just enough to reward members who play a positive role in the community and give them more weight relatively to those who only ever submit their own content, or weak content.

Essentially it’s the algorithm’s way of reinforcing positive behavior and making the role of our editors and regular community members much easier.

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