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Planet, People, Peace #P3CostaRica

The Planet, People, Peace (Planeta, Personas, Paz) tourism conference takes place in San JoséCosta Rica.

Planet, People, Peace or P3 (works in English and Spanish) is Costa Rica’s premiere event on ecotourism and sustainable tourism. Its name represents the focus of reconfirming our commitment to redirect the essence of its People back to the Planet, sharing Costa Rica’s experience as a country of Peace.

Hashtag: #P3CostaRica

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  • Will there be live and archived video from #P3CostaRica? = ¿Habrá video en vivo y archivado de #P3CostaRica? (Roofdog Poster) Answer: yes! YouTube videos are also available on Apple TV.
  • Are presentations or related documents available online? = ¿Están disponibles en línea las presentaciones o documentos relacionados?
  • Is anyone interested in creating a transcript or translation? Can we use Google docs? = ¿Hay alguien interesado en crear una transcripción o traducción? ¿Podemos usar Google Docs?
  • How do you suggest remote participants participate? Can viewers ask questions during sessions? = ¿Cómo sugiere que participen los participantes remotos? ¿Pueden los espectadores hacer preguntas durante las sesiones?
  • Are any tourism and conservation resources, publications from Costa Rica available via Open Access / Creative Commons license? = ¿Existen recursos turísticos y de conservación, publicaciones de Costa Rica disponibles a través de la licencia Open Access / Creative Commons?
  • What would locals like visitors to know about Costa Rica? = ¿Qué les gustaría a los lugareños conocer a Costa Rica?
  • What are the current tourism trends in Costa Rica? = ¿Cuáles son las tendencias actuales del turismo en Costa Rica?
  • What are the current conservation trends in Costa Rica? = ¿Cuáles son las tendencias actuales de conservación en Costa Rica?
  • How should #P3CostaRica be evaluated? = ¿Cómo debe evaluarse #P3CostaRica?
  • What are the dates of #P4CostaRica in 2021? = ¿Cuáles son las fechas de #P4CostaRica en 2021?
Will there be live and archived video from #P3CostaRica? ¿Habrá video en vivo y archivado de #P3CostaRica? #roofdog

To create a learning platform which brings together entrepreneurs and world leaders from different sectors to exchange knowledge and share experiences to motivate the creation and implementation of innovative ideas and projects, and to inspire participants to commit themselves to sustainability both on individual and social levels.

To strengthen the position of Costa Rica as a responsible destination, highlighting the efforts, good practices and innovative initiatives undertaken in favor of sustainability by the country’s different public and private sectors, and thereby increasing its global leadership in this field.

To position the Cámara Nacional de Ecoturismo y Turismo Sostenible (National Chamber of Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism, CANAECO) as a nationally and internationally recognized leader in sustainability.

Certification – Miembro Honorario – ONG – P3 –



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