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What would locals like others know about Pakistan? Presenting relevant links in a somewhat random fashion:

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan ousted in no-confidence vote
Diary of a Pakistani schoolgirl
Pakistan’s beloved ‘po
or man’s burger – BBC

Pakistan Truck Art
Pakistan’s painted trucks are works of art : NPR
Colorful ‘Jingle Trucks’ Rule the Road in Pakistan
Explained: Pakistan’s ‘truck art’ – its ride to recognition and a special tribute to Moosewala


World Environment Day
Pakistan ramps up Protected Areas

Shams the Guide

Flickr Groups
Towards Pakistan
Pakistan Photographers پاکستانی فوٹو گرافرز
About Pakistan
Pakistani Trekkers
Mountaineering Trekking in Pakistan
The Himalayan Regions


Tourism Portals
Pakistan TourismFacebook
Pakistan Tourism Guide, Pakistan
Terichmir Travel

Chitral Gol National Park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1979 and a National Park in 1984. This 7750-hectare area lies just west of the Town of Chitral, encompassing the watershed of Chitral Gol. Chitral Gol National Park is surrounded by high Hindukush peaks and is a habitat of a number of wildlife like: Kashmir Markhor, Ibex, Snow Leopard, Lynx, Chakor, Ram Chakor, Pheasant and a large variety of birds and wild animals. National bird of Pakistan, Chakor, National animal, Markhor and National Tree, Diyar are also found in Chitral Gol National Park.

ECOCLUB: Pictures of Chitral Gol Natural Park, Pakistan
Google: Wildlife of Pakistan: Chitral Gol National Park
Misc: Wildlife at Chitral Gol National Park, Pakistan

Wikipedia: Chitral Gol National Park

Hindukush Trail
Chitral Gol Wildlife

Endangered Markhor: Chitral Gol National Park

WWF Pakistan
Wildlife Watcher, Chitral, Pakistan

Elsewhere on the Web
Ministry Tourism, Government of Pakistan
Travel and Culture Pakistan
Sitara Tourism Company
Sarhad Tourism Corporation, Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa
Ministry of Tourism
Pakistan Tourism Development
News from Kalash Valleys
Mahraka: Culture of Northern Pakistan
Pakistan Meteorological Department@pmdgov

Recommended listening
Understanding Pakistan – Pakistan was born on August 14, 1947 and when it emerged from British India, Muslims around the world rejoiced, believing they were witnessing the birth of the first democratic Muslim nation.

Pakistan: A Hard Country – Anatol Lieven’s new book on Pakistan is an extensive study of the history of the country, its people, its political and military structures and threats from terrorism.

Karachi: a wounded city – Come on a tour of Pakistan’s biggest city with Australian journalist Mustafa Qadri. For three decades he’s been travelling between his home town of Sydney and Pakistan, seeing firsthand how the country has slowly changed. Just like the rest of Pakistan, Karachi has seen an upsurge in terrorism and gang violence over the past few years. Yet somehow, Karachiites and this complex city survive. Mustafa travels across the sprawling city, speaking to relatives, activists, rich and poor about life in Pakistan’s ‘city that never sleeps’.

Fort and Shalamar Gardens


Tourism News
CAMAT Organizes Reception for Norwegian Mountaineer
CAMAT Organizes Cooking Training for Youths
CAMAT Qualifies for UIAA’s Mountain Protection Award 2013
Sayed Gul, Archaelogist
Tourism in Pakistan: Financial Aspects
Role of Tourism Development Corporation
Pakistan Tourism Managerial Flaws
Pakistan Tourism Share in South Asian Market
Recommendation for Tourism Improvement in Pakistan
Chitral Valley Pakistan Tourism Case Study
Pakistan Tourism Development Launches Discount Packages
Visit Lahore Pakistan
Pakistan Participating In Itb-2011 Exhibition
Tourism sector sees steady growth in last 3 years
Damaged Tourism–Dawn Editorial
Pakistan, Bhutan Wov to Boost Ties in Trade, Tourism
Pakistan Tourism Industry Breathing Its Last
Travel and Tourism Show Help Revive Sawat’s Lost Glory
Tourism Could Help Pakistan Ovrecome Economic Crisis–LCC
Half-cooked devolution plans will destroy tourism
Senate Body on Culture and Tourism
Thai Model Can Help Pakistan Tourism Industry
Pakistan Tourism Given Low Priority in the Budget 2010
Pakistan Puts Bhuddist Tourism Back on Track
PTDC Launches Different Projects to Promote Tourism
Pakistan Tourism Beauty Enthrals Visitors at Berlin Exposition
Medical Tourism in Pakistan
Pakistan Tourism Minister Makes Pleas to PATA
Decline of Pakistan Tourism Industry
Pakistan Given Low Priority in Budget 2010
Militancy, Flood Hit Pakistan Tourism Industry
Floods Impact Pakistan’s Tourism
Thai Model Can Help Pakistan Tourism Industry
UNESCO Promotes Cultural Tourism in Sindh
Minister Urges Beaches Cleanliness for Attractive Tourism
Turkey Launches Tourism Campaign in Pakistan
Pakistan’s Tourism Beauty Enthrals Visitors at Berlin Exposition

General News
GD Langlands–a Man Committed to Education
Factors Affecting Tourism in Pakistan


Northern Pakistan
Grass Roots Journey Northern Pakistan

Hindukush Heights, Chitral
Hindukush Heights is a hotel and trekking company run by Mr Siraj Ulmulk and Ms Ghazala Ulmulk, the scion of the ruler family, offers possibly the best services in respect of food, accommodation and trekking facilities for tourists visiting Chitral, Pakistan.

Kalash, the Incredible
Kalash in Pictures

Karachi Least Inexpensive City in the World

International Day of Climate Observed in Booni Chitral
Kho Community of Chitral

Wakhi Communities of Broghil, Northern Chitral

Expat Pakistan / Pakistani Food

Pakistan Avicultural Foundation


Karakoram Highway

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